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Hope Echols

Founder, Manager, Vocalist

Hope is a small town girl from the crystal coast beaches of North Carolina.  With a hometown that consists of zero stoplights, a few stray dogs, farmland, a river, one post office, and a bridge at a very young age she was eager for a hobby. She immediately took to singing and dancing on the coffee table in front of an audience made up of her favorite childhood toys and heaven forbid, a day go by without red lipstick everywhere!


Hope has obviously been a colorful extroverted person her entire life. With “glitter in her veins” and unconditional support from her family, she was given opportunities to study the performing arts. It was during these early years that she developed a love of music, theater, and dance. Hope says


“I remember my father driving me to rehearsals, dance lessons, performances, and summer camps. My mother was always sewing a last minute costume or bedazzling a pageant gown until the wee hours of the morning. Then there were the years that we were traveling every weekend for something ‘Hope’ related. Honestly, it was because of that love and constant support from my family that allowed me to completely fall in love with performing. While most of my peers were debating what career they wanted to pursue, I knew my life would involve an audience.”


Hope graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education (Greenville, NC) in and then attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (New York, New York) to study musical theatre. After graduating AMDA she had her first encounter with creating, managing, and producing with the New York Nightingales alongside Tia Andriani and Jennifer Mergele.

The New York Nightingales are a 1940’s swing trio reminiscent of the late Andrews Sisters. The ladies garnered vast success and performed all over Manhattan at venues such as The Four Seasons New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Feinstein’s/54 Below with their show “Salute the Troops!” that debuted Memorial Day of 2016 in tribute to the Armed Services of he USA.


Hope left the New York Nightingales and went solo as ‘Lady and the Vamps’ with Yoonmi Choi as her band leader in January of 2017. The concept behind Lady and the Vamps was to see that there were no limitations in terms of genres, song selections, instrumentation, band members, or types of events/venues we could play. That goal has driven the group to what Hope says feels like “overnight success.”

“My very first gig as a solo act in New York City was the iconic Rainbow Room! To me that is a testament of the talent, professionalism, and product my team and I deliver. We treat every client and venue with a open heart and open mind. At the end of the day, it’s all about making people happy. Whether it’s negotiating and working with a tight budget, learning an entirely new repertoire for a ‘themed’ event, or crafting an original variety show, we do it. We are the type of people willing go that extra step to create a special experience for everyone involved.”


Today her team includes over 30 musicians from over 10 countries. With a drive that comes from a passion for the process, the people, and the music, Hope is a true force of empowerment for artists in New York. The one thing that hasn't changed - not a day goes by without her signature red lip.